Low Impact Development Design Competition

Low Impact Development Design Competition The North Texas Land/Water Sustainability Forum’s LID Design Competition came to a conclusion at the Finals Event on November 6, 2012

The Forum is very pleased to announce that there are 20 integrated design teams competing, representing the ‘best and the brightest’ from 55 top design firms located in North Texas and around the country. The teams include civil engineers, hydrologists, architects, landscape architects, land planners and environmentalists, among others.

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General Information & Rules

Why is LID important?



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Property Providers



The North Texas Land/Water Sustainability Forum announces a national Low Impact Development (LID) Design Competition aimed at educating design professionals, built environment decision makers, local governments and the public on the positive impacts of LID. Teams will submit their LID design based on data from four actual properties within the North Texas area and criteria from the region’s integrated Stormwater Management (iSWM™) Program. Professional Categories are Green Street Urban Roadway, Mixed Use Development, Urban Redevelopment, and Multi-Family Development.

Submittals are due September 14, 2012.

Green Roadway Design Challenge:

South Lamar, Dallas, Texas


Flood Plain

iSWM South Lamar

Lamar Plat 1

Lamar Plat 2

Land Use Plan

South Lamar Lidar

NCTCOG iSWM Technical Manual and City of Dallas Draft iSWM Criteria Manual

Trinity River Balance Vision Plan

Trinity River Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Trinity River Comprehensive Land Use Plan – Clup Section

Paving Design Manual

City of Dallas Bike Plan

Bid Tabulation – Green Tabulation


Urban Redevelopment Design Challenge:

The Central Library Renovation, Arlington, Texas



Central Library

Drainage Area Map

Inlet Exhibit

Location Map

Bid Tabulation – Central Library

1 Year Hydrograph

25 Year Hydrograph

100 Year Hydrograph

Drainage Area Map

Urban Redevelopment Design Challenge:

Cedars West, Alford Refrigeration Site, Dallas, Texas


Alford Geotech

Boundary and Elevation

City of Dallas Zoning

Land Use Plan

Middle Contours

North Contours

South Contours

Water Information

NCTCOG iSWM Technical Manual and City of Dallas Draft iSWM Criteria Manual

Planned Development District 800 (zoning)

City of Dallas Bike Plan

Trinity River Balance Vision Plan

Trinity River Comprehensive Land Use Plan

Trinity River Comprehensive Land Use Plan-Clup Section

City of Dallas

Paving Design Manual

Belleview Connector Conceptual Renderings

Location Map

Bid Tabulation – Cedars West

Cedars West Hydrograph – Baseline

Cedars West Hydrograph – Assumptions

Time of Concentration

Cedars West Supporting GIS Data

Urban Redevelopment Design Challenge:

Northern Crossing West (Clarion / TIG), Fort Worth, Texas


Mitigation Report 2005

Mitigation Submittal 2005

Aerial with Buildings

Development Restriction

Final Geotech Report

Final Survery Phase 1

Traffic Analysis

Northern Crossing Plat

Northern Cross Boulevard: Natural Resources Impacts Assessment and Mitigation Plan

Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Update July 1997

Bid Tabulation – Northern Crossing

Comprehensive Plan

Trinity River Vision

Zoning Map

Street Development Standards

Bike Fort Worth Plan

Northern Crossing Hydrograph

Press Releases:

North Texas LID Design Competition

Call For Properties

Call For Sponsorship

Competition Objectives

  • Provide a hands-on learning experience through which design, construction and development professionals in North Texas will gain meaningful experience in working with Low Impact Development and integrated Stormwater Management methodologies that can be applied to their everyday practices.
  • Demonstrate to the local development and civic community the economic, environmental and marketing benefits that are available with respect to sustainable site development.
  • Recognize and award winning design teams for their creativity, innovation and application of sustainable site design.

Design Goals:

  • Conserve natural resources that provide natural functions associated with controlling and filtering stormwater.
  • Use LID / iSWM decentralized site-based planning and design strategies to manage the quantity and quality of stormwater runoff.
  • Use LID / iSWM techniques to reduce the amount of runoff by mimicking the natural hydrologic function of the site and matching pre-development hydrology.
  • Focus on minimizing and disconnecting impervious surfaces and promoting bio-filtration and evaporation of runoff before it can leave the site.
  • Use small-scale landscape features and LID-based iSWM Stormwater Controls to work as a system to clean, slow, evaporate and infiltrate surface runoff at the source.

Eligibility, registration details, category definitions, submission requirements, and details of the jury presentations and awards ceremony can be found below.”