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Let’s Look at One of Texas’ First Certified Greenroads

We will meet at the Ikakaya Japanese Tavern (map) on the corner of Gray and Bagby. We will not only be discussing why the Bagby Street LID implementation was one of the most successful LID implementations in Houston metro, but we will also walk some of the project outside the doors of the tavern.

What Will We Look At?

In 2015, Bagby Street in the Midtown District of Houston Texas was redeveloped with a focus on using LID / Green Infrastructure techniques. The end result has improved mobility for vehicles and pedestrians alike, while greatly adding to the aesthetic appeal of the roadway. Landscaped planter boxes, paver sidewalks, and hardwood seating areas along the route are just a few of the additions that have added to the pedestrian experience. Not only is Bagby aesthetically appealing, it is also environmentally friendly and is one of Texas’ first certified Greenroads.

The Greenroads rating system was created at the University of Washington as a way to measure a roadway’s sustainability features similar to the way the United States Green Building Council’s LEED program measures the sustainability of buildings. The primary feature that makes Bagby Street a Greenroads design is a series of biofiltration planter boxes that line both sides of Bagby street and collect stormwater runoff, storing it and filtering it through FocalPoint High Performance Modular Biofiltration Systems (HPMBS).

About the Host:

Land Water Sustainability ForumThe goal of the LWSF is to provide a centralized, accessible resource for important information and guidelines for effectively implementing Low Impact Development (LID), or Green Infrastructure, practices and policies across the United States. The LWSF is a collective of regional Chapters throughout the United States providing regionally focused information about LID projects, research and resources.

Event Details

David Batts (Director, Stormwater Systems at Construction EcoServices)
Matthew Smith (Business Development, Stormwater Systems at Construction EcoServices)

September 19th


Ikakya Japanese Tavern (Map)

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