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LID Cost – Benefit Resources

The following Cost – Benefit reference list and bibliography provides a general overview of cost analysis and comparison of LID practices. This list is not exclusive, rather, it is meant to be a starting point for investigating the costs and benefits associated with LID. If you have a cost comparison case study or cost-benefit analysis you’d like to include on this reference list, please email us at

Plant Selection and LID

The Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center has developed a recommended plant list of native plants suitable for LID applications in Texas (please see below). Like many resources on this website, this plant list is a work in progress. Feedback from on-the-ground practices is welcome, as is the addition of other suitable plants for LID in Texas. Please note that with this resource:

  • Plants are specified suitable for a region based upon local ecological conditions. If making amendments to the soil, plant selection should be made accordingly;
  • Please consider whether or not native soils will be modified – which will affect infiltration rates – when choosing plants;
  • The majority of the listed plants are commercially available by seed. To find native plant suppliers in your area, please visit the LBJWC’s Supplier’s Directory.
  • For more detailed information about individual plants, please visit the LBJWC’s Native Plant Information Network (NPIN). To find a plant’s county-by-county distribution, please search the USDA’s Plants Database.

Texas Native LID Plant List

Code & Ordinance Resources

A significant challenge to Low Impact Development adoption are local codes and ordinances for land development which prohibit or inhibit LID. It is important to conduct comprehensive reviews of local policies, identifying any existing regulatory barriers (intentional or not) to the implementation of LID, to begin reshaping them to accommodate LID. The following resources can be good places to start.

EPA New England 2009: Incorporating Low Impact Development into Municipal Stormwater Programs

Center for Watershed Protection: Codes & Ordinance Worksheet

Massachusetts LID Toolkit: Low Impact Development – Do Your Local Codes Allow It? A checklist for regulatory review.

LID Design Resources

LID Design Concepts and Sketches developed by Jacobs Austin.

Thanks to the folks at Jacobs for developing this great resource to help communicate LID design concepts and allowing us to share this resource with everyone.